Welcome to AgeDEFY
“Get Your Life Back”
90 Day MovementCamp

AgeDEFY is Movement Medicine for the Injured Mover and the Aging Body

It’s a 90 day online Movement Therapy MovementCamp designed to get you moving and grooving again after injury and it’s the perfect program for anyone age 40 and older who are sick and tired of living in pain and stiffness. You can’t help getting older but you don’t have to get old. DEFY age, live with less pain and stiffness, and become part of an amazing community of AgeDEFY’ers!



"Real age is the way your body moves... I move 'younger' than I did in my 40s!... Move younger and become age free! I never thought I would say that movement/DEFY exercises are easy for me. I literally can do it all with ease if not Wu Wei, effortless action and beauty in motion!"

Claire (age 66)

"I recommend this program to absolutely anyone. It is physical therapy if you are in pain and need range of motion. If you are training for a sport this will make you a better mover and athlete."

Mike (age 34)

"I would recommend DEFY and AgeDEFY online to anyone looking for a new body challenge, anyone interested in beginning a workout or strength building program... of any age! I plan to continue my journey with her as long as I am able to move... and she is keeping me moving!"

Chellie (age 63)