What Is AgeDEFY Denver?

AgeDEFY Denver is a Movement Therapy studio in Denver offering one-on-one private training for injured movers and 30-day small group BodyAbility Clinics for people of all ages. Movement Therapy is 'Movement Medicine in Motion' and it's the best medicine you can take for pain and stiffness! If you want new results you have to try new movement ... Do 5 Movement Therapy sessions to get started or commit to true results for increased movement health and longevity and sign up for 3 months of Movement Therapy with Dawnelle!

5 Sessions for $350
36 Sessions for $600/month for 3 months

The 5 session package includes a movement consultation and BodyAbility assessment + 5 one-hour sessions with Dawnelle at the AgeDEFY Denver studio. This is a 6-week program and all five classes must be completed in 45 days from the first scheduled session.

The 3 month Movement Therapy program is commitment based and it requires the student to do 36 sessions in 90 days to get the full benefits of the program.

BodyAbility Clinics are 4 person clinics designed to challenge and change you through movement adversity and suppleness training.

BodyAbility Clinics are 30 days to a stronger, more youthful, flexible YOU! Do what you can't do and become stronger than ever! 

The cost of the Clinics is $125 per person. Sign up for one or all of them!

Coming in January 2019:

Cycle and SculptFLOW Clinic
DEFY FLOW Choreography Clinic
Movement Therapy and MobilityFLOW Clinic
BodyAbility Weight Loss Clinic (4-weeks/$225)