AgeDEFY Phase 1: Movement Medicine

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About This Class

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Begins January 14th, 2019 
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30 Days
20 AgeDEFY Movement Therapy Workouts
4 LIVE Movement Therapy Clinics
AgeDEFY Community (including exclusive FB group access)
Daily Coaching 
Personal Training

AgeDEFY is movement medicine for the injured mover and the aging body. It’s a 30-90 day online Movement Therapy BootCamp designed to get you moving and grooving again after injury and it’s the perfect bootcamp for anyone age 40 and older who are sick and tired of living in pain and stiffness. You can’t help getting older but you don’t have to get old. DEFY age, live with less pain and stiffness, and become part of an amazing community of AgeDEFY’ers!

$150 per Phase or commit to 90 Days for only $299

Something to consider… In 30 Days you’ll move better. In 60 Days you’ll feel better and in 90 Days you’ll be living young and feeling great! Commit to the program today!

It will take 90 days for this program to truly work. Each phase is movement therapy based and they are designed to work together as one 90 day program. 

If you don’t have 90 days, then take 30. In 30 days you’ll be moving better and this is the goal of AgeDEFY. 

If you’re craving less pain and stiffness, and if you’re sick and tired of feeling older than your age, then take all 90 days and let this program work for you! 

AgeDEFY Phase 1: Movement Medicine

– Week 1 –

Workout 1: Movement Exploration
Workout 2: Lymphatic Workout
Workout 3: MobilityFLOW
Workout 4: Joint Health and Spine Strength

– Week 2 –

Workout 6: Movement Therapy Squat Workout 
Workout 7: MobilityFLOW and DEFY 
Workout 8: MobilityFLOW FLOWMOTION Combo Workout 
Workout 9: Movement Therapy Shoulder Strength 
Workout 10: Movement Therapy Single Leg Motion Control

– Week 3 –

Workout 11: FLOWMOTION and Movement Therapy with Weights
Workout 12: MobilityFLOW
Workout 13: Lymphatic Movement Therapy and FLOWMOTION
Workout 14: DEFY Movement Therapy
Workout 15: FLOWMOTION and CROW 

– Week 4 –

Workout 16: Movement Therapy Strength
Workout 17: Mobility Stick Workout
Workout 18: BarreFLOW
Workout 19: Lymphatic Workout
Workout 20: CROW Workout