Phase 2: BodyAbility

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About This Program

Phase 2

Phase 2 is the “Repeat and Get Better” phase of the program. The more you move the better you feel. Why stop after 30 days when you’ll feel double the results in 60 days and triple the results in 90 days!

Keep Moving and Grooving in Phase 2 with 8 “New Movement New Results” Workouts and 8 “Repeat and Get Better” Workouts from Phase 1 and (4) Movement Therapy Clinics in 30 days to increase strength and flexibility for more BodyAbility suppleness and power!

Do What You Can’t Do … Train for 30 more days and go after the Phase 2 BodyAbility Goalof CROW pose!

AgeDEFY is a movement health program that helps you to defy the effects of aging and injury. When you’re able to do CROW pose, then you can do anything!

The practice of doing what you can’t do will give you the ability to move deeper, work harder, and enjoy more adventure in life!

Complete 20 Workouts in 30 Days. Create Your Own Schedule

Cost: $299 for 90 Days

Includes Phase 1-3 for a total of 64 workouts, individualized movement assessments, motivation and coaching, and access to the AgeDEFY Online community. 

Once a member of AgeDEFY, always a member of AgeDEFY community. 

The AgeDEFY community page has motivation and inspiration, coaching and training, mini-Bodyknowledge Clinics, and the Sunday Movement Therapy Clinics and Workouts. 

Stay a community member for as long as you want and join Dawnelle for a live workout every Sunday at 9:30am (MST). 


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