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About This Class

DEFY is an online movement community for people of all ages who want to move and groove with Dawnelle. DEFY, formally known as (qi)FLOW, is movement therapy in motion. It's designed to move, stretch, and bend you in every direction as a way to promote fluidity and flexibility for an ageless life. 

There are new DEFY classes added to the program every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday mornings. What's great about this program is that you can do it whenever you want from the comfort of your own home. The classes are posted on the days listed but you can make your schedule to fit your life. 

The more classes you do the better the results. But it's your studio, do as much as you want and do the workouts when you want. The classes will range from 20-60 minutes with each class building into the next. By the end of the month, you will be moving and grooving in ways you never thought possible. After a DEFY choreography month, join Dawnelle for DEFY BodyAbility. 

At the beginning of every new month, the movement changes ... one month the focus and the practice is on DEFY choreography and the following month we focus on BodyAbility. 

BodyAbilty is the practice of what you cannot do ... It's the physical practice of challenging poses CROW, Handstand, BackBends, Meditation, and so much more! 

Become a DEFY member for $39 per month to have unlimited access to 16 new classes every month or pay $59 to do one month at a time.

After signing up for a DEFY membership, join the DEFY FaceBook group for daily motivation, BodyKnowledge Clinics, DEFY tips and tricks, and movement wisdom to live an ageless life and an active lifestyle. 

Once a DEFY member, always a member of the FaceBook group. All you have to do to join the group is to sign up for a DEFY membership. Once signed up, ask to join the group. Once accepted, you will have access to the DEFY group for as long as you wish. Let's build something great together! 

Sign up today!