Phase 3: KettleBell FLOW

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About This Program

Phase 3

The ultimate goal of AgeDEFY is to get to Phase 3! 

After the first 60 days of AgeDEFY, the body is ready for more. It’s ready for the ultimate AgeDEFYing workouts … KettleBell FLOW! 

KettleBELL FLOW workouts are 30 minutes of Movement Therapy, Body Weight HIIT, KettleBell FLOW, and a BURN series in every workout. 

AgeDEFY KettleBell workouts are the most effective workouts you can do for your body. They are the ultimate combo of movement health and movement strength, and they are the workouts that you will want to have stick with you for the rest of your life.

Move Young Live Young! 

Cost: $299 for 90 Days

Includes Phase 1-3 for a total of 64 workouts, individualized movement assessments, motivation and coaching, and access to the AgeDEFY Online community. 

Once a member of AgeDEFY, always a member of AgeDEFY community. 

The AgeDEFY community page has motivation and inspiration, coaching and training, mini-Bodyknowledge Clinics, and the Sunday Movement Therapy Clinics and Workouts. 

Stay a community member for as long as you want and join Dawnelle for a live workout every Sunday at 9:30am (MST). 

Give it 90 days! Sign up today!  

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