AgeDEFY Phase 3: KettleBell FLOW

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About This Class

Give AgeDEFY as a gift this holiday season here! 

Begins March 2019 

30 Days 
8 KettleBell FLOW workouts 
8 “Repeat & Get Better” workouts 
4 LIVE Movement Therapy Clinics
AgeDEFY Community (including exclusive FB group access)
Daily Coaching
Personal Training  


The ultimate goal of AgeDEFY is to get to Phase 3! 

After the first 60 days of AgeDEFY, the body is ready for more. When you begin to feel less pain in the body when you move, when you feel more energized and youthful, and when you’ve worked hard to feel healthy it’s time for a new challenge. And that new challenge is KettleBell FLOW! 

AgeDEFY KettleBell workouts are the most effective workouts you can do for your body. The aging body needs strength training and cardio to stay active and youthful, but strength training and cardio without Movement Therapy is a dangerous combo. This is why we worked so hard to get your body prepared for KettleBell FLOW workouts in the first two phases of the AgeDEFY program. 

I’ll say it again … You’ve come too far to come this far! 

Keep moving and grooving into Phase 3 to get stronger, faster, better no matter your age! 

When you graduate from the 90 day AgeDEFY program you will feel ready to keep going. After Phase 3 you'll feel ready to sign up for the 5K race you want to do with your kids, or plan a long hike with friends, or sign up for your favorite sporting club, play softball without getting injured, join the indoor soccer club and go back to doing what you loved to do in your 20s. There's so much to do after 90 days of AgeDEFY! But it only works if you do. 

AgeDEFY is up to you. Are you sick and tired of feeling stiff and in pain? Are you sick and tired of living the same life over and over again? Are you ready to commit to 90 days to a younger you? 

If you said “Yes” then sign up for the full program today and get ready to get your life back! 

Move young to live young! AgeDEFY! 

Full Program begins January 14th, 2019. Let's move and groove together as one big AgeDEFY community and by springtime you'll be a whole new YOU! 

Sign up today!