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AgeDEFY 2024

Introducing the AgeDEFY Move Young Live Young reward system, designed to celebrate your dedication to your health and the AgeDEFY community!

Starting in January, AgeDEFY members will be rewarded for taking classes in 2024 through the new AgeDEFY Move Young Live Young reward system.

Zone 1: 

90 Day Online Challenge  

Zone 2:

50 Live Classes in 2024

Zone 3:

100 Live Classes in 2024

200 Live Classes in 2024 

Zone 4:

Complete three 90-day movement therapy programs and two 30-day BodyAbility programs of your choice, and attend 24 live classes on Zoom in 2024 to complete the Zone 4 challenge. 

Zone 1 Reward:

Complete 70 AgeDEFY workouts in 90 days, starting January 15, to get the AgeDEFY Certificate of Health award.

Zone 2 Reward:

Attend 50 live classes in 2024 to earn the AgeDEFY Live Class Attendance award. 

Zone 3 Reward:

Attend 100 live classes in 2024 and receive the Live Class Attendance award and AgeDEFY Sticker. Members who attend 200+ classes in 2024 will get a certificate, sticker, and Wu Wei t-shirt! 

Zone 4 Reward:

Go for Zone 4! Complete the following in 2024 to receive the AgeDEFY Zone 4 Certificate of Health award: 

  • Complete three 90 day programs

  • Attend 24 live classes on Zoom

  • Complete two BodyAbility Programs 

Complete the Zone 4 challenge to receive the Zone 4 Certificate of Health and Move Young Live Young AgeDEFY sticker.

The ultimate reward is how you're going to feel after a year of AgeDEFY movement therapy! 

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