FEEL BETTER Movement Therapy  

We just finished the FEEL BETTER April 2023 program at

Studio BodyAbility.  

The online version is now available. 

Program Includes:

Office Therapy, Posture Training, and BarreFLOW for Runners 

Check it out here 

If you fit into one of the following three groups of people, the FEEL BETTER program is for you!

Injured Movers 

Movement Reveals All

The FEEL BETTER movement therapy workshops will introduce you to new movement patterns. To be the best coach for you and to help create the proper movement prescription, I need to know how the movement feels to you. Participation in the three FEEL BETTER workshops is essential at your membership's start.

We suggest completing a FEEL BETTER program within the first 90 days of your membership. 


Move Young Live Young 

If you signed up for AgeDEFY because you feel older than your age and ready to feel good again, you have to get in front of me! It would be best if you came to train with me. When I get to know my students during the FEEL BETTER program, I can create a plan for you based on your goals. 


New Movement New Results 

Everyone is a beginner when they first start AgeDEFY. It's best for everyone just beginning at AgeDEFY to work closely with me for three workshops. 

It's best to attend at least three live FEEL BETTER workshops on Zoom with me during the first 90 days of your membership, but if you can't attend the live workshops, you can complete a FEEL BETTER program online.