Improve your physical, mental, and emotional health in 21 days
Improve your physical, mental, and emotional health in 21 days

Improve your physical, mental, and emotional health in 21 days

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AgeDEFY @ Studio BodyAbility

AgeDEFY @ Studio BodyAbility

AgeDEFY movement therapy workouts offered live on Zoom every week!

Melissa — Age 40+
Gerry — Age 60+
Heidi — Age 50+
YouTube student
Anna — Age 50+

Melissa — Age 40+

I am doing things I never thought I would do with you every day! When I first started yoga and weights in Denver years ago, I could only do sculpt with 3 lb weights, and now I own a whole rack of weights AND use them!

Gerry — Age 60+

I’m now walking with little or no pain or limp in my hip which is amazing. I can sleep in any position I choose with no consequences and being able to look forward to taking the dog for a walk is a gift.

I knew it could be done I just needed the right formula and your program has it.

So I’m grateful to have found your program and I look forward to continued work.

Heidi — Age 50+

I am 57 years old and have been working out with Dawnelle for almost 2 years. My prior exercise program included CrossFit and a seldom yoga class (since my body was always so tight). My biggest fear from lifting much lighter weights in AgeDEFY is that I would lose my arm muscles. I am pleasantly surprised that my arms have more definition since doing AgeDEFY!

YouTube student

“AgeDEFY has been an incredible journey of self-discovery! AgeDEFY and Dawnelle have taught me to embrace necessary change in mind and body! I look forward to Dawnelle’s daily inspirations and videos! She is my North Star ⭐️️️️ in my journey! My guide to a better me!!! Some days in life are harder than others and on those days she reminds me it’s one step at a time, one movement at a time and before I know it- I’ve done it! Dawnelle is thorough, patient and the best at challenging you to be the best version of yourself! I have been blessed and inspired and I have come out stronger than when I started! WU WEI”

Anna — Age 50+

Hi Coach and my teacher, I wanted to thank you for helping me sculpt my new body.

I have better balance and posture. I wake up in the morning and don't use my heating pad before work. I love the variety of mobility workouts.

Membership Options


What equipment do I need for live classes and online workouts?

To participate in the AgeDEFY live classes and online studio, you will need the following for MobilityFLOW, QiFLOW, FLOWMOTION, and BarreFLOW classes:

Yoga mat, mobility stick, two yoga blocks, and a set of resistance bands

Shop here to set up your AgeDEFY home studio


  • To participate in SculptFLOW, you will need the following:

Yoga mat

Mobility Stick

Resistance Bands

Yoga Blocks

5-pound weights

8-pound weights

12-pound kettlebell

Shop here for SculptFLOW workouts


  • To participate in STRONG workouts, you will need the following:

FitSimply Resistance bands

Two yoga blocks

Heavy Kettlebell:

15-18 pound kettlebell

20 pound kettlebell (optional)

25 pound kettlebell (optional)

Light weights:

5 pound dumbbells

8 pound dumbells

10 pound dumbells (optional)

Heavy Dumbbells:

*one of each

20-pound weight

30-pound weight (optional)

40-pound weight (optional)

Shop here for STRONG workouts


Two yoga mats

Blue Stepper

Shop here for StepFLOW

What is a Mobility stick?

The mobility stick can be found at your local hardware store or you can purchase one on the AgeDEFY Amazon shop.

To get the mobility stick at your local store you will need to know the following:

Go to the plumbing aisle

Find the right PVC pipe

  • 3/4 width

  • 480 psi

The PVC pipe at the store will be 10ft in length.

Cut the stick in half at the store

Pay for one PVC pipe and go home with two mobility sticks

If you don’t want to do the DIY mobility stick project, you can keep it easy and order one from the AgeDEFY Amazon shop.

Click here to order your stick

Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions:

  • QiFLOW combines movement therapy with yoga-inspired choreography for a feel-good stretch and strength class

    No equipment is necessary 

  • MobilityFLOW combines mobility exercises with core strength and yoga-inspired postures to enhance active flexibility in the injured and aging mover

    Equipment: Mobility Stick — PVC pipe  

  • BarreFLOW is the combination of barre and yoga-inspired postures

    Equipment: Kitchen chair, two yoga blocks (optional), yoga mat 

  • SculptFLOW is the combination of MobilityFLOW, Yoga Sculpt, and Kettlebell Yoga into one workout

    Equipment: 12-pound kettlebell, two yoga blocks, 5-pound weights, mobility stick 

  • CycleFLOW is a movement therapy cycle workout for injured and aging movers

    Equipment: Indoor Exercise Bike 

  • StepFLOW is AgeDEFY aerobics for injured and aging movers

    Equipment: Blue stepper, yoga mats (optional), mobility stick

  • FLOWMOTION is bodyweight strength training for the injured and aging mover

    No equipment is necessary

  • BURN is the AgeDEFY HIIT program for injured and aging movers

    Equipment: Depends on the class. Most BURN workouts are bodyweight workouts but sometimes we use weights and resistance bands

  • Lymphatic Health and Bruce Lee Abs are for form and function in the injured and aging mover and are included in a lot of the AgeDEFY workouts

    No equipment is necessary

What time zone are the live classes?

The online class schedule shows the time for each class in your current time zone.

If you live in Colorado, the class times will show online in mountain time.

If you live in Nebraska, the class times will show online in central time.

If you live in Florida, the class times will show online in eastern time.

If you live in California, the class times will show online in pacific time.

The online schedule is automatically converted into the class time in your time zone.

What the class time shows on your screen is the time the class begins in your time zone.

Do you offer teacher training?

Check out the online MobilityFLOW teacher training program.

Find out more

What if I have an injury?

If you’re injured, go slow and explore the movements.

We are all injured, so we all need to go slow and explore when trying something new.

Let go of the push to go hard in a workout for it to be effective.

Slow down, be okay with not doing all of the exercises and movement patterns the first few times you try the workout.

Keep track of your progress, celebrate small victories, and listen to your body.

If you have a back injury, work on your feet and shoulders. If you have a knee injury, focus on your feet and hips. 

The AgeDEFY workouts are multi-directional and unique.

The workouts are designed to integrate brain/body connection through movement and it takes time to be able to do every movement with ease.

If you are injured, you do not need to do all the movements presented to you on video or in the live classes.

If the movement hurts your knee, don’t do that movement.

Not every movement is meant for everyone when first beginning the AgeDEFY practice.

If one exercise hurts your knee during the workout, skip it —but when shoulder rolls and side bends come up in class, do them with me.

Focus on what does not hurt in the classes.

Chase the feel-good

Find the movements that feel good to you and do them over and over again throughout your day.

This is why you do the videos or take the live classes.

You do it to find movements that you can carry with you into your everyday life. 

How to cancel a subscription?

To change or cancel your membership:

The memberships are auto-renewed from month to month.

You can cancel anytime before your next month’s charge.

If you decide to switch from the Studio BodyAbility membership to the AgeDEFY Online membership please do the following:

  • Sign in to your account

  • Go to billing

  • Scroll down to the current active plan

  • Click on change plan

  • Choose the AgeDEFY Online plan

  • Do the same if you choose to change from AgeDEFY online to the Studio BodyAbility membership

To cancel:

  • Sign in to your account

  • Go to billing

  • Scroll down to the current active plan

  • Click on change plan

  • Cancel Membership before your next billing cycle

  • No refunds or returns. This is a member-controlled membership. Cancel anytime.

  • No refunds or returns on pre-purchased programs and online teacher training courses.

Do you offer refunds?

  • No refunds or returns. AgeDEFY is a member-controlled membership. Cancel anytime.

  • No refunds or returns on pre-purchased programs and online teacher training courses.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

The best way to reach out is by joining the AgeDEFY @ Studio BodyAbility FaceBook group.

Click here to join

You can also email Dawnelle at or send a text 720-985-5726

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