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FEEL BETTER Ankle Therapy

BodyAbility // CROW and Camel Pose

FEEL BETTER April 2023 

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Studio BodyAbility 

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April 2023

BarreFLOW, MobillityFLOW, BodyAbility, and QiFLOW 

New Release Workouts 

April 2023  

AgeDEFY 20-minute studio:

Bruce Lee Abs 100 Workout 

MobilityFLOW Movement Therapy

Movement Therapy for Posture 

AgeDEFY 10-minute studio:

Movement Therapy for Lower Back Pain and Stiffness 

Foot and Ankle Therapy // Range of Motion

Feel-Good Movement Therapy 

BarreFLOW Hip Therapy 


Ladder 20

KettleBell BURN and Posture Training

Squat Therapy and Bruce Lee Abs 

Walk the Mat 

Set up your home studio 

Yoga mat

Mobility stick

Resistance bands

Yoga Blocks 

Blue Stepper

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