Chellie, age 63, Denver

"I decided to try something new about 9 years ago and had been introduced to Dawnelle Arthur and her yoga fusion classes. From the first class (spin-yoga), I was hooked! Her teaching style is never stale; she is always thinking of new ways to challenge her students and coming up with innovative workouts that aren't so much a sweat session (which they definitely are!) as a way to increase body knowledge, awareness, and strength. She has evolved from fusion classes to yoga workshops to “DEFY” style of teaching. I honestly have never felt stronger or more confident in my body's abilities (at age 63!!) than I do now. This is all due to the “DEFY” method and learning the steps and working the muscles needed for a BodyAbility challenge... I got Crow Pose and Headstand finally after years of attempting the poses - only after following Dawnelle's steps that put your body in the perfect position to create a pose!! I would recommend DEFY and AgeDEFY ONLINE to anyone looking for a new body challenge, anyone interested in beginning a workout or strength building program... of any age! I plan to continue my journey with her as long as I am able to move... and she is keeping me moving!


Molly, age 34, Hawaii

"To anyone just thinking about AgeDEFY:

Just do it!

Dawnelle is the absolute best at just explaining movement. It's movement therapy for any size, shape, age. You will 110% learn about your body and just simply learn how to move and groove without pain. Dawnelle makes it all make sense.

I am only 34 and a spin and barre instructor. I am very active and healthy. I started the AgeDEFY program just because I used to live in Denver and Qi yoga and barre and spin classes were and actually still are my favorite ways to move my body. Now that I live in Hawaii, I just wanted to be able to move and learn from Dawnelle any way I could.

Dawnelle has an amazing way about her. I have done the AgeDEFY program 1,2 & now half way through 3! And I'm not ready for it to end. I learned new things to incorporate into my classes. My shoulders and hips feel opened up and as a whole, my body feels better than it did when I was 24!

Possibly the greatest thing I have learned though is perseverance. I really just stuck with the program with Dawnelle's words of encouragement.

Lastly, Dawnelle truly cares and wants people to live without pain. She will help you in any way she can as long as you are willing to put in the work. She is a special person offering a special opportunity! Don't think twice, just do it!!"


Sharon, age 65, Minnesota

"Three words sum up what I love about AgeDEFY: Fluidity, Flexibility, and Accountability.

Fluidity=all those wonderful body improvements! I used to have creaky joints, crampy feet, a sore hip, and stiffness, but AgeDEFY’s “new movement, new results” has helped me overcome and move beyond my body challenges. I am honestly not “creaky” any longer. My feet and toes are stronger so I rarely experience cramping now. AgeDEFY includes so much hip-benefiting movement that my hip pain has really diminished. When I hop out of bed in the morning, no more joint stiffness all as a result of AgeDEFY’s awesome movement therapy!

Flexibility=working out when and where it works for me personally! It’s impossible for me to make it to regularly scheduled classes! My schedule jumps around and I’m often out of town. AgeDEFY doesn’t care where I am or what time of day I can do my workouts but it does care that I get those workouts done! I love that I can log in and my day’s workout is right there waiting for me. I love that I don’t have to get in the car and drive to my workout. I love that I don’t have to think much about what I’m wearing or how my hair looks, etc. I’m in my own space where I can make attempts, make mistakes, and make progress without the least bit of self-consciousness!

Accountability=no excuses! Even when I KNOW how amazingly good these workouts are for me, I can get lazy or fall behind. Dawnelle does not let me get away with that! She firmly encourages commitment and adherence to this program and will check up on participants to keep them on track. Her coaching is personal! She responds to online comments and questions so that all group members benefit. She will also conduct a live video session to address specific issues that group members raise. She is super accountable to AgeDEFYers and we owe her accountability in flows both ways."


Monique, age 40, Denver

"AgeDEFY has been an incredible journey of self-discovery! AgeDEFY and Dawnelle have taught me to embrace necessary change in mind and body! I look forward to Dawnelle’s daily inspirations and videos! She is my North Star⭐️in my journey! My guide to a better me!!! Some days in life are harder than others and on those days she reminds me it’s one step at a time, one movement at a time and before I know it- I’ve done it! Dawnelle is thorough, patient and the best at challenging you to be the best version of yourself! I have been blessed and inspired and I have come out stronger than when I started! WU WEI"


Claire, age 66, Denver

"Thanks to Dawnelle Arthur for helping me to see that age is just a number! Real age is the way your body moves. I just turned 66 and, after three years of QiFlow, Dawnelle’s studio in Denver, Colorado, I move “younger” than I did in my 40s! I never thought I would say that movement/DEFY exercises are easy for me. I literally can do it all with ease if not Wu Wei, effortless action and beauty in motion!

My hope for everyone taking AgeDEFY is that you stick with it for 30 days and then beyond until you move younger and become age free!"

Claire, age 66, Denver


Mike, age 34, Denver

"I started going to Dawnelle's classes about 10 years ago; however, I started “religiously” going 3 ½ years ago. I reached out to Dawnelle after a debilitating back injury; I had/ have a bulged disc at L5,SI. It was severe enough that I was bedridden for almost two weeks. Every doctor and specialist recommended surgery. Alarmingly, every person I spoke with who had those procedures done still had pain and mobility issues. Some people had even undergone multiple surgeries and were still experiencing symptoms. I wanted to explore every option I could find before having any surgery. Without any hesitation, Dawnelle offered her DEFY Clinics as therapy. She recommended that I attend today if I could. We met 30 minutes before class to discuss what was going on with my body. I started coming that day, and I felt better that day! I have continued to attend her classes over the last 3 ½ years (and done my homework). Today, I am back to my normal active lifestyle, which includes a physically demanding job, as well as hobbies. I can say without a doubt I am in the best shape of my life. I still have to be conscious of my injury, and occasionally flare-ups happen. Every time I jack something up, tweak, or pull a muscle the DEFY workouts are the first place I go, and Dawnelle is the first person I talk to. I recommend this program to absolutely anyone. It is physical therapy if you are in pain and need range of motion. If you are training for a sport this will make you a better mover and athlete. On top of all this DEFY is an amazing workout. It should be taught to our young athletes. I wish I learned it at birth!"

Mike, age 34, Denver


Donna, age 60, Missouri

"I love AgeDEFY because it has brought flexibility back to my body. I feel I get a full body workout without the hardcore high impact workouts I use to do in the past as a fitness instructor. AgeDEFY has taught me the importance of just moving even if it is only for 10min intervals throughout the day. I no longer am in the mindset I have to workout hard for an hour every day to get results. Dawnelle gives step by step instruction and I can do the workouts when my time allows me to and in my own home which is best for me with where my life is right now. I love AgeDEFY and I’m looking forward to Phase 3 ... KettleBell HIIT and MobilityFLOW!"

Liz D.

“The AgeDEFY Class was something I gave myself for my 60th birthday.

I've been constantly trying to keep moving, I wanted to be able to do just about whatever I want to do. I want to be able to play with my grandkids.

I'm not lazy, I go to a gym, I walk, play with my dog, a little yoga. I kept trying. But I kept slowing down, going in a negative direction. I was having a lot of problems with my legs. Yes, I'm fat, but I would watch other people walking around, heavy as me, a few heavier, and they were not having the same problems.

Believe me, I got pretty good at observing people and how their legs were working. I was getting stiffer and stiffer. Seriously. In the morning, stiff. Get out of the car, stiff. Sit for awhile, stiff. My feet would start hurting a lot if I stood up for too long.

And then I saw a clip about AgeDEFY, I read the caption, I listened to you, Dawnelle. You were saying the things I was saying to myself, about trying to live as the best me possible. So, I signed up. I was moderately hopeful.

I liked the AgeDEFY class from day one. You are so very inspirational. You break the movements down into the correct steps in a very easy to understand way.

Sometimes I don't get it, but I can stop and rewind. This makes a lot of difference for me.

You tell me not to worry if I can't do something right away - that just means it is something to work on. Just do what I can.

Which gets me to go ahead and when there is something I can't do, I just do it as best I can. And the next time that move comes around, I am better at it! I am experiencing the improvement.

The most amazing thing to me was that, after about one and a half weeks, something happened to my feet and lower legs. It was like a current had been turned on.

My feet almost always hurt, my knees were always hurting, sometimes so bad that I had trouble sleeping. After this one class, I felt different. I walked around and my feet were not hurting.

I thought, well, but they will probably start hurting again. Instead, my feet felt like they were getting better. I just kept doing the classes and feeling better! I used to think I always had to have shoes on - always. At least sandals. The only part of me that doesn't have a lot of fat - my feet!

Now I am walking around barefoot all the time. Well, inside anyway. And my knee pain has been disappearing. I am not stiff in the morning. I just went on a car trip, 6 hours each way, and I did not stiffen up.

My walking had gotten so slow - constant pain can do that - just makes everything harder. Now I am breaking free of the walking habits I've been using for so long to compensate and try to avoid pain.

Tonight I actually just did some jumping jacks! I thought I would never in my life jump again, but tonight I did, and I do not hurt. This is AgeDEFYing!

I am not really sure how you get me to do things, but you do.

There is something about the way you explain the movements, the way you organize the movements, that for me is just so successful. It is so timely when you insert just the right gentle reminders about form while doing the movements.

Your energy, your positivity inspires me all day long! During these weeks of classes, when difficulties crop up in my life, I would think about my AgeDEFY classes and stay positive.

I know this is long and somewhat meandering, but I really want you to know that I'm serious. I'm not just speaking platitudes.

AgeDEFY classes are the best birthday present ever!

Wu Wei!”