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February 24

The ultimate AgeDEFY BodyAbility goal is the roll-to-stand. This is what we are working on at the live class studio in February and March. Join in on the fun!


BodyAbility of the Month: R...

February/March 2024 The ultimate AgeDEFY BodyAbility goal is...
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February 19

How is everyone doing on the MYLY 90-Day Challenge? Have you seen the new challenge rules? The rules are as follows: Complete 65 movement therapy workouts before April 14, 2024, to receive the prestigious AgeDEFY Certificate of Health Award. This is Workout 26 of the challenge, and it's one of my favorites! Check-in with me today to let me know how you're feeling and let me know how the challenge is going for you!


QiFLOW Movement Meditation

Welcome to the Move Young Live Young 90 Day Challenge! Workout...
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February 17

Dear SculptFLOW students,

The SculptFLOW class is starting late today. Please meet at 9:15 AM CST! 

Thank you!!! 

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February 08

If you're trying to get into StepFLOW live class and can't get in, please log out and log back in. Thank you.

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February 01

Dear Community,

I recently discovered that my community posts are landing in your inbox. I only wish to have the community announcements found on our website rather than to be emailed.

I have reached out to find out how to shut off the email function, but here is a quick note for now.

The 90 challenge is in full-effect and I'm loving it! I just posted today's workout of the day and can't wait for you to get to work on it! 

It's a 20-minute AgeDEFY Yoga Sculpt workout using 5-pound weights. The perfect workout for today! 

To follow the daily challenge, please go directly to the challenge studio.

Click here

Don't forget to talk to me during the challenge. I get to know you through your comments after the workouts. The more I know you, the better coach I can be for you.


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January 18

It's Day 4 of the Move Young Live Young Challenge and today we have a 22-minute MobilityFLOW and yoga sculpt workout. 

We begin the workout with MobilityFLOW to prepare for QiFLOW with weights! 



MobilityFLOW with Yoga Scul...

Move Young Live Young 90-Day ChallengeWorkout 4 This workout...
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January 29

Happy Day 11 of the Move Young Live Young Challenge!

This workout is from January 16, 2024 and it's one of my favorites! 

Enjoy the therapy! 


QiFLOW with Shoulder Therap...

Move Young Live Young 90-Day Challenge Workout 11This workout...
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January 26

Move Young Live Young 90 Day Challenge 

Day 10 

Blast from the past workout: BarreFLOW from April 23, 2023 called Gerry's favorite. Please read the About section on the video to learn more about today's challenge workout. 

New Movement New Results

You won't need a chair for this workout. What you need is a yoga mat and two yoga blocks. We begin with movement therapy before exploring BarreFLOW on the floor.

Enjoy the therapy! 


BarreFLOW Floor Workout Wit...

Move Young Live Young 90-Day Challenge Workout 10 This workout...
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January 23

Move Young Live Young 90 Day Challenge 

Day 9 

The workouts at the live class studio are 40-45 minutes long, combined with before-the-class and after-class coaching segments, which can turn the live classes into an hour-long experience. But for this challenge, I am editing my favorite 30 or fewer minutes from each class and offering them to you on the challenge. This workout has my favorite 27-minute moments of the MobilityFLOW Vinyasa workout from January 16, 2024.

Enjoy the therapy! 


MobilityFLOW Curtsy Walk an...

Workout 7This MobilityFLOW workout is from the live class on...
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January 23

Dawnelle Arthur is there a link that you have to give to someone to recommend AgeDefy?  Thank you! 😊