Dawnelle Arthur


Jun 12 at 09:10 AM

The STRONG & FLEXY workout of the day is a 25-minute StepFLOW workout. 


We begin the workout with infinity taps to get the heart rate and brain pumping!

I'm sharing this workout because I struggled to pull it together in the beginning. StepFLOW is not easy; it challenges the brain and can frustrate you to new levels, but if you stick with it, the end is worth it!

Work the wobble, learn from your mistakes, find your way, and start over every single time. The key is to never give up, to keep trying, and to keep moving and grooving!

Enjoy the therapy!

What you need:

  • two yoga mats

  • blue stepper



STRONG & FLEXY Workout 5 // StepFLOW Cardio Training We...


Jun 10 at 10:52 AM

We begin with a posture training series with the green band, followed by MobilityFLOW and back-to-posture training. We repeat this sequence until the end of the workout.

Enjoy the therapy!


STRONG & FLEXY // Posture T...

STRONG & FLEXYWorkout 4: Posture Training and MobilityFLOW...


Jun 05 at 09:21 AM

Welcome to another month of STRONG & FLEXY!

  • Keep moving and grooving this summer by committing to completing 12 new workouts every month! 

The movement therapy program of the summer is called STRONG & FLEXY! We started the summer program in May with a month of QiFLOW + FLOWMOTION, Posture Training, and STRONG workouts.  

This month, June 2024, focuses on NEW MOVEMENT NEW RESULTS. AgeDEFY members can expect 12 new (30-minute) workouts to explore this month.

The June schedule includes two MobilityFLOW workouts and one StepFLOW each week. 

  • Monday // MobilityFLOW Movement Therapy 

  • Wednesday // StepFLOW Movement Therapy 

  • Friday // MobilityFLOW Vinyasa 

It's going to be a great month at AgeDEFY! Enjoy the therapy! 


May 31 at 03:20 PM


  • Workout 12 

This workout is a great way to end the May BootCamp!!! Grab your bands and prepare for an amazing movement therapy workout to end this month's program. Next month, we continue the Summer STRONG & FLEXY BootCamp with MobilityFLOW movement therapy and STRONG workouts! 

The summer bootcamp schedule in June includes two MobilityFLOW movement therapy workouts and one STRONG workout every week through June! 

Enjoy the therapy! 

Watch this 2 minute video for more info about the summer bootcamp in June! 


STRONG & FLEXY // Posture T...

STRONG & FLEXYWorkout 12 This workout is a great way to...


May 31 at 12:42 PM


AgeDEFY student, Victoria, came home after a week-long vacation with her grandkid with a sciatica flare-up. As soon as she got home, she came back to the live classes at Studio BodyAbility. 

She told me before the class about her sciatic pain, and from there we went to work.

Two days later she had this to say about this workout: 


Enjoy the therapy! 


Movement Therapy // Master ...

AgeDEFY student, Victoria, came home after a week-long...


May 31 at 12:40 PM


  • Workout 11

This one will make you SWEAT!! Enjoy the therapy! 


STRONG: 100 Swings // 12 Mi...

STRONG & FLEXYWorkout 11 The Workout:100 swings followed...


May 27 at 10:04 AM


  • Workout 10 

True strength begins with healthy feet and good posture. Grab your blue, yellow, and red resistance bands.

Enjoy the therapy!


STRONG & FLEXY // Foot Ther...

STRONG & FLEXY Workout 10 True strength begins with...


May 24 at 12:38 PM


  • Workout 9

The perfect workout to end a busy week! Enjoy the therapy! 



STRONG & FLEXYWorkout 9 QiFLOW + FLOWMOTION: Stretch from...

May 22 at 09:12 AM


Hi Chellie, Thanks for the feedback. I downloaded the video to make some sound adjustments and uploaded the new one. There are still places, such as when I am in the forward bend position, where the music is still louder than my voice. It may be a microphone/forward bend issue as well. I hope the sound edits are better with the replacement video. The sound quality in my live classes and on the videos is my greatest challenge at AgeDEFY. I will continue to do my best to work on the sound. Even with the louder music, this workout is still a must-do for everyone. It’s a feel-good workout :) 


May 21 at 09:34 AM


  • Workout 8

Workout 8 is one of my favorite STRONG workouts in the AgeDEFY online library! It is a must-do workout for you! Please put it on your to-do list and get ready to challenge yourself in the best way possible!

Chase your feel-good, make adjustments, stay in your zone, find out what you can and cannot do, go at your pace, and repeat as many times as you need to get through it with poise.

AgeDEFY doesn’t start easy. AgeDEFY is surprisingly hard to do, but if you don’t give up, the other side of the challenging moments are feelings of effortlessness. It means you have built the appropriate balance of strength and flexibility to do hard things easily—My advice: Don’t give up. Stop the habit of stopping. Show up every single day to move your body. Take more time to appreciate your body.

You are never too busy to show up for your future self. Keep moving and grooving, and do something good for your future self.

The more you move, the better you feel. Enjoy the therapy! 


STRONG: Circuit Training --...

STRONG & FLEXYWorkout 8Movement Therapy:six-minute...