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July 10

STRONG & FLEXY // July 2024

  • Workout 5

Grab your mobility stick and yoga block for this unique movement therapy workout, which will balance your pelvis and float your sacrum.

Enjoy the therapy! 


STRONG & FLEXY // Yoga Bloc...

STRONG & FLEXYMobilityFLOW and yoga block therapy Grab...
July 08

STRONG & FLEXY // July 2024

  • Workout 4

15-minute BarreFLOW workout followed by Bruce Lee Abs with spinal rolls and mountain climbers

Enjoy the therapy! 



STRONG & FLEXY BarreFLOW and Spinal Rolls 15 minute...
July 05

STRONG & FLEXY // July 2024

  • Workout 3 

Balance the pelvis and build pelvic floor strength with this unique Bruce Lee Abs workout using a yoga block for an extra challenge.

Enjoy the therapy! 


STRONG & FLEXY // Bruce Lee...

STRONG & FLEXY Bruce Lee Abs and Yoga Block Therapy...
July 03

STRONG & FLEXY // July 2024 

  • Workout 2

We continue the July movement therapy theme of the month with this QiFLOW Bruce Lee Abs workout. Enjoy the therapy! 



STRONG & FLEXY QiFLOW movement therapy with Bruce Lee Abs...
July 01

New Month, New Movement, New Results 

  • July 2024

We are kicking off the new month with a very important movement therapy workout.

The first workout of the new month is called SculptFLOW with Hollow Body. 

Get ready for a body-changing, mind-bending, AgeDEFY strength training and Bruce Lee Abs workout.

Enjoy the therapy! 


STRONG & FLEXY // SculptFLO...

NEW MOVEMENT NEW RESULTSJuly 2024 Workout 1:Hollow Body...
June 26

Dear Live Class Members,

There are 28 live classes left until I leave to ride Ragbrai. I will be away from the live class studio from July 17 to 31 and will return with a guided live class online program starting in August. 

If you love the live classes, try to meet me at every class for the next three weeks to soak in as much coaching and community as you can before I leave for the remainder of the summer.

Since I leave for Ragbrai on July 16, I have decided to teach every day in July until I go. I have added new classes and class times to the schedule.

The live class studio is closed on Sunday, June 30. I am taking my son's best friend to the airport that day and cannot teach my scheduled classes.

The studio is closed on June 30, but starting July 1, there are one to two classes every day until July 17. We will fit the entire month of movement therapy into 17 days, which will feel GREAT!

Check out the live class schedule here:

We start the 28-class countdown tomorrow with StepFLOW movement therapy! I can't wait to see you!

June 26


  • Workout 11: StepFLOW 

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Cardio Pump. Enjoy the therapy! 



Workout 11Infinity Taps and Cardio PushGrab your step and...
June 24


  • Workout 10: Rib Cage Movement Mobility 

Dear Members, 

This is the workout I want you to do this week. Don't miss it! 

Love, Dawnelle 


STRONG & FLEXY // MobilityF...

Workout 10Rib Cage Movement Mobility MobilityFLOW Vinyasa, rib...
June 24
June 19


  • Workout 8: StepFLOW 2-Mile Cardio Workout 

Enjoy the therapy! 

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