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April 03

Hi Dawnelle, I am wondering if you offer 1:1 coaching sessions? I have some issues with my shoulders, left elbow and left foot, I am certain you can help me. I am not sure the best way to contact you, so giving this avenue a whirl. Thanks. 

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April 02

I had to create a new Zoom link for STRONG today. Please log out and try again or click the link below.

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March 29

AgeDEFY 3-Minute Coaching Sessions

  • The more you know, the better you can move.

  • When you move well, you feel good.

  • When you feel good, you live young! 

Episode 1: Let's Talk About Cardio 

  • Find out why I believe cardio training is necessary for injured and aging movers.


Let's Talk About Cardio

March 26, 2024 AgeDEFY 3-Minute Coaching SessionsThe more you...
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March 15

Hello AgeDEFY friends! I have to apologize for my late post today. I underestimated how difficult it would be to keep up with editing the videos and running the program. But good news, I have Workout 45 published! I can't believe we are 45 workouts into the program! I love everyone who has participated in the first 90-day program and am grateful for every comment and message from each of you. I need to catch up in the comments, but I read each message and know what we must discuss in our next live class. So keep the comments coming, and keep moving and grooving!

Enjoy the therapy!


BarreFLOW with Relevé Foot ...

Move Young Live Young 90-Day Program Workout 45 This workout...
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March 08

Deb Bowman // Per your request ❤️

BodyKnowledge Clinic: StepFLOW and Box Jumps 

Watch this video to learn about StepFLOW on a yoga mat and how to do the AgeDEFY box jumps.


BodyKnowledge Clinic: StepF...

BodyKnowledge: Movement Wisdom The more you know, the better...
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March 27
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March 22

Workout 50!!

We are so close to the end of the first-ever Move Young Live Young 90-Day Program! Today, I am giving you a 20-minute BarreFLOW and Bruce Lee Abs workout to celebrate. Soon, I will launch a new online BodyAbility challenge called Bruce Lee Abs Roll-To-Stand Movement Therapy. Before the program goes live, take a sneak peek at the program with this workout.

Enjoy the therapy!


BarreFLOW Roll To Stand Mov...

Move Young Live Young 90-Day Program Workout 50 We are working...
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March 25

Move Young Live Young 90-Day Program

  • Workout 51 

Dysfunction in the sacroiliac joint, also called the SI joint, can sometimes cause lower back and/or leg pain. The sacroiliac joint connects the hip bones (iliac crests) to the sacrum, the triangular bone between the lumbar spine and the tailbone (coccyx). The primary function of the sacroiliac joints is to absorb shock between the upper body and the pelvis. 

The source or cause of SI joint pain can be due to too much movement called hypermobility that leads to instability.

When you have SI joint pain, you need to find a way to stabilize the sacrum and float the pelvis. AgeDEFY is movement medicine for SI joint pain and dysfunction. 

Daily movement therapy and AgeDEFY BodyKnowledge clinics can help to relieve SI joint pain and will improve the stability of your sacrum. 

If you're injured and aging, you need AgeDEFY Movement Therapy in your life. Enjoy the therapy! 



Move Young Live Young 90-Day ProgramWorkout 51 Dysfunction in...
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March 11

Happy Monday! Make Monday the day to QiFLOW! We are on Workout 41 of the MYLY 90-day program, and I’m excited to share a QiFLOW workout designed to calm your nervous system and open your hips. Workout 41 is part one of the two-part QiFLOW Before My Race Movement Therapy series.

Enjoy the therapy! 


QiFLOW Before My Race Movem...

Move Young Live Young 90-Day ProgramWorkout 41This is part one...
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March 07

Move Young Live Young 90-Day Program

  • Workout 37


Your sense of balance relies on the relationship between your central nervous system (brain) and your sensory system.

In this workout, we train the following:

Your vision: Your eyes send your brain impulses that show where your body is in relation to other objects.

Your skin, joints, and muscles: When your body moves, it puts pressure on your tissues. Your tissues send signals to your brain, telling it where your body is in relation to space. For example, if you’re standing up and leaning back, you put pressure on tissues in the back of your foot and lower leg. That pressure lets your brain know you’re leaning instead of standing straight.

The helicopter spins help to deepen the connection to the central nervous system to help you to maintain balance and manage dizziness. 

Enjoy the therapy! 


MobilityFLOW — Helicopter S...

Move Young Live Young 90-Day ProgramWorkout 37BalanceYour...