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January 20

Day 5: BarreFLOW 

This workout was posted on the online studio for the day five challenge. It's a feel-good workout you don't want to miss. 

AgeDEFY Challenge Coaching Advice:

The goal of the Move Young Live Young 90 day challenge is to complete 70 AgeDEFY workouts in 90 days. I will post five new workouts every week during the challenge from Monday to Friday and on the weekends, you get to choose your own workouts!

Three ways to work the 90 day challenge on the weekends:

Option 1: Repeat to Get Better

  • Chase your feel good: choose your favorite workout from the week and repeat it.

Option 2: Rest Day

  • If you need a day off, take a day off. Listen to your body. 

Option 3: Keep Moving and Grooving  

Bonus Option: 

Enjoy the therapy! 


BarreFLOW — Hip Therapy

Move Young Live Young 90-Day ChallengeWorkout 5Healthy hips...
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January 22

Day 8 

This is a 30-minute non-stop QiFLOW workout from last year's movement therapy book club. This year's book was The Four Agreements. This workout is from the third agreement. We loved it last year, and it's the perfect workout for day eight of the Move Young Live Young 90-day challenge. Enjoy the therapy! 


Third Agreement // 30-Minut...

Move Young Live Young 90-Day Challenge Workout 6 This is a...
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January 21
• Edited (Jan 21, 2024)

Today is CycleFLOW — a 30-minute Cycle workout followed by 20 minutes of QiFLOW movement medicine. You are all invited to join the 20-minute QiFLOW practice today. Click here at 10:30 AM CST to join the class. I will let you in as soon as we finish the Cycle workout. I hope to see you!! 

Zoom Link:

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January 15

Welcome to the official start of the Move Young Live Young member reward program!

The first workout of the challenge is a QiFLOW movement therapy workout for your feet, hips, and shoulders. It's a great workout and I know you will love it! We begin right away in a Zone 1 lymphatic shake.  

Please know what to expect before starting the workout by reading the ABOUT section of the workout. This will help to prepare your mind for the workout and get you ready for the movement therapy experience.

Something to think about:

Keep in mind this is a friendly challenge. I'm learning as a challenge leader and your coach, and I expect the same from you. Learn about yourself in every workout. Chase your feel-good, and try to move more than you believe you can daily.

The more you move, the better you feel. This is a FEEL GOOD practice. Enjoy the therapy :) 


QiFLOW Movement Therapy

Welcome to day one of the first Move Young Live Young member...
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January 15

Welcome to the AgeDEFY online studios! Start inside the beginner studio to get comfortable, then explore all the online studios!

Create your own AgeDEFY movement therapy experience from the comfort of home!

Follow a 30 day BodyAbility program, join a 90 day challenge, try out SculptFLOW and STRONG workout, or go for the ultimate challenge of completing the 12 months of AgeDEFY program! 

You can do it all on AgeDEFY online!

"Your online content is genius. Just did a short step workout, followed by shoulder mobility, followed by one minute song mobility with the stick, followed by one song kettlebell workout. The perfect workout for me. It covered all the bases. Thank-you"

“I’m aiming to do one med-longer workout and a quick shuffle dance or one song workout daily to get back in the groove. Loving the selections!!”

Leave a comment about your favorite way to use the online studio. Tell us your story. I'd love for us to get to know each other better. Let the community know about your goals for the next 90 days and how you plan to use the online studio. 


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January 17

Day 3: Posture Training 

This workout is from January 2023. It's the perfect posture training workout for AgeDEFY newbies to experience a resistance band posture training workout, and even more perfect for members who have been with me for years. This is a gentle reminder of how far you've come in one year. 

If you are not using the AgeDEFY-approved resistance bands, the blue band is the light band. 

Please note: I am changing the placement of the Move Young Live Young 90 day challenge on the website.

Click here for quick access


Posture Training with Blue ...

Move Young Live Young 90-Day Challenge Workout 3 This workout...
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January 16

It's day two of the challenge, and I'm excited to share a MobilityFLOW vinyasa workout with you.

This workout has some of my favorite AgeDEFY therapy moves, including curtsy movement therapy, forward bends, and ninja FLOW.

Enjoy the therapy! 


MobilityFLOW Movement Therapy

Move Young Live Young 90-Day Challenge Workout 2 Remember that...
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January 13
• Edited (Jan 16, 2024)
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Introducing the AgeDEFY 90-Day Online Movement Therapy Challenge:

Challenge Start Date:

  • January 15, 2024


  • New Workout Release (Monday-Friday) at 8 AM CST

Workout Duration:

  • 20-35 minutes

Weekly Schedule:

  • Monday: QiFLOW  

  • Tuesday: MobilityFLOW

  • Wednesday: Posture Training 

  • Thursday: SculptFLOW 

  • Friday: BarreFLOW   

  • Saturday: Repeat to Get Better

  • Sunday: Repeat to Get Better 

How it Works:

Certificate of Health Award: Complete 70 online workouts by April 14, 2024 to receive the AgeDEFY Zone 1 Certificate of Health award.

Repeat to Get Better: Every weekend during the challenge, revisit your favorite workout of the week. The more you do a workout, the better you get at it. The "repeat to get better" day is your chance to enhance your movement ability and enjoy the feel-good movement experience of repeating a favorite workout. The repeat to get better workouts count in the 70-class goal.

It will be a great 90 days!