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January 13
• Edited (Jan 16, 2024)

Introducing the AgeDEFY 90-Day Online Movement Therapy Challenge:

Challenge Start Date:

  • January 15, 2024


  • New Workout Release (Monday-Friday) at 8 AM CST

Workout Duration:

  • 20-35 minutes

Weekly Schedule:

  • Monday: QiFLOW  

  • Tuesday: MobilityFLOW

  • Wednesday: Posture Training 

  • Thursday: SculptFLOW 

  • Friday: BarreFLOW   

  • Saturday: Repeat to Get Better

  • Sunday: Repeat to Get Better 

How it Works:

Certificate of Health Award: Complete 70 online workouts by April 14, 2024 to receive the AgeDEFY Zone 1 Certificate of Health award.

Repeat to Get Better: Every weekend during the challenge, revisit your favorite workout of the week. The more you do a workout, the better you get at it. The "repeat to get better" day is your chance to enhance your movement ability and enjoy the feel-good movement experience of repeating a favorite workout. The repeat to get better workouts count in the 70-class goal.

It will be a great 90 days!